The Importance of Functional Skills in Apprenticeships


Why do I have to do my Functional Skills?

Functional Skills are qualifications in applied English and maths, which are essential for work and life. In order to successfully complete any apprenticeship, even the higher apprenticeship programmes, you need to have achieved A*-C GCSEs in maths and English already, or you will need complete your Functional Skills in order to achieve your apprenticeship.

But there’s some good news…

Unlike GCSEs, which can sometimes feel a little irrelevant to your career and personal life, Functional Skills focus on ensuring you have the maths and English knowledge and skills you need to advance your career and handle your personal matters.

What’s good about Functional Skills with TTI Apprenticeships?

Our Functional Skills courses are designed around you! We don’t teach you what you already know and our sessions are designed to be delivered virtually via Microsoft Teams, so you can study with us from the comfort of your home, or at work – whichever you prefer! We adapt our courses and delivery styles to your specific needs as a learner, and make sure we are preparing you to apply your English and maths knowledge in a way which suits you personally. We also make sure your new maths and English skills are relatable to your apprenticeship role and career aspirations and that you know how to use them in your life outside of work to handle your finances or communications better. So, what’s stopping you? Get in touch with us today to see which apprenticeship and Functional Skills courses you can complete with us!


Meet our Functional Skills Lead – Tansy Cox

Throughout my career in a variety of employment sectors, I have always ended up in leadership or training roles. When I entered the post-16 education sector over 6 years ago, I was invited to complete my Business Administration Level 3 apprenticeship with a focus on management skills. This was a brilliant way to consolidate my previous skills and experience, plus I gained a qualification which gave me confidence in my abilities. Since then, I have completed other qualifications which enable me to manage the Functional Skills delivery for TTI.

I have specialised in Functional Skills and Additional Learning Needs compliance, quality, and delivery since I began working in post-16 education. Supporting a learner to complete their Functional Skills is an amazing feeling. Particularly as most people who didn’t do well in their maths or English GCSEs tend to have a mental barrier to those subjects. Finding a way to smash through that barrier and get people through qualifications they never thought they’d pass is one of the best things about my job!

Leading the Functional Skills provision within TTI is a wonderful opportunity for me to display my passion for English and maths skills by creating a quality teaching and learning programme, which supports our learners to achieve their Functional Skills qualifications in an engaging and fun way as part of their overall apprenticeship qualifications.

I am also a Specialist Tutor for Business Administration apprenticeships, which reminds me that I’ve come full circle in terms of my initial steps in my career. Getting to teach and assess people in the skills which brought me into this role is a true reminder of how far I’ve come in the past 6 years. I look forward to helping all the Business Administrator apprentices realise their potential and push forward in their careers too!














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