Smashing Through the Red Tape of Apprenticeships


Upskilling your workforce – is there an Age limit to Apprenticeships?

You’re never to old to do an apprenticeship, there is no upper age limit to do an Apprenticeship and if your over 16 you are never to old to develop your skills and build on new knowledge.

We haven’t got time to train an apprentice!

Training an apprentice as an employer is no more time-consuming than training any new member of staff. Although apprentices need a mentor in your workplace, this can be their Line Manager or another employee who might support and oversee their work and training. The apprenticeship specialist tutor is an integral part of the Apprenticeship learner Journey.

Apprentices are expensive.

Hiring an NEW apprentice between 1st August 2020 and 31st January 2021, aged 16-24 will provide you with £2,000 in incentives.

- If your apprentice is 25+ you will still receive £1,500 – before 31st January 2021

- The Apprenticeship grant 16-24 is £1,000.

If your apprentice is on their first year of an apprenticeship, they can be paid the apprenticeship wage of £4.15/hr, instead of the National Minimum Wage but we recommended the national minimum wage based on their age. If you are SME with less than 50 employees, the apprenticeship course costs will also be fully funded by the Education Skills Funding Agency.

Apprenticeships are fully funded up to 95% of the costs for SMEs under digital apprenticeship service or through Apprenticeship levy scheme if you have more than a3-million-pound salary bill.














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