How an ex-apprentice became an Apprenticeship Manager


National Apprenticeship Week 2021

Hi, I'm Tansy Cox. I'm the Centre Manger for TTI Apprenticeships. It seems to weird to think that 10 years ago I was hard-working, dedicated, but relatively aimless soul. I knew I wanted a ‘good ’job with career progression, but I didn’t know what to apply myself to. I tried university when I left school, but it didn’t suit me. I got a ‘proper job’ and tried my best to build a career but always found my employers’ gears ground too slowly for me: I liked to master things and move on to the next challenge, and most businesses weren’t able to test me enough, or give me the positions to grow into.

In amongst all of this moving around, I was very conscious I wasn’t achieving anything concrete in my career. I had significant experience in management, sales, marketing, hospitality, banking, and administrative roles, but none of the industries really did it for me. Suddenly, I found myself stumbling into the Further Education and Training sector as a compliance administrator temp, and everything began falling into place in my career. I completed my Level 3 Business Administration with Management apprenticeship, and from there have been consistently invested in and giving opportunities to shadow, network and learn about the industry I work in. This has enabled me to take on additional responsibilities and carve myself a career path finally.

Fast-forward 5 years, and I am now leading a small apprenticeship provision. How have I made this happen? I ask questions, I research, I listen to those with more experience, and I surround myself with successful people I can learn from. My apprenticeship taught me the value of these soft skills and the value of putting in additional effort outside of my working role years ago, and I still implement the skills I honed during my apprenticeship. Apprenticeship learning stays with you for life, and if you make the most of the opportunity, it will help to set your career up for life.

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