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Our approach to training acknowledges each of our client's unique requirements. We develop tailored Apprenticeship solutions that drive the maximum benefits for your organisation, your workforce and sustainable growth.

If you are looking to develop your Apprenticeship offering for your workforce and implement a clear Levy strategy, TTI Apprenticeships offers free consultancy services with our Apprenticeship Levy experts.

They will go through the background to the Levy, provide estimates on your liability and advise on potential Apprenticeship pathways from across our portfolio of qualifications.

Apprenticeship Levy funds can be used to bring new talent to the business or to up-skill existing employees and help reduce the skills gap within the UK economy.

If you want to discuss how the Apprenticeship Levy can work for you, contact us for further advice today.



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Who has to pay the Apprenticeship Levy



Employers in England with a payroll exceeding £3m per annum

Separate arrangements apply to employers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Payroll greater than £3m per annum?

If your payroll exceeds £3m, then an Apprenticeship levy of 0.5% will be applicable to your business, by way of contribution to the cost of funding Apprenticeships.

This contribution is to be paid monthly, direct to HMRC and has a £15,000 allowance to be offset.

The government intends to top-up this contribution by 10%, enabling most employers a greater investment in Apprenticeships than they have contributed.

You can invest in new or existing employees. Employees of any age can be eligible for an Apprenticeship, so long as there is a significant requirement for training.

Should you wish to spend more on Apprenticeships than available in your fund, there will be a requirement to contribute to this cost.

Payroll less than £3m per annum?

If your payroll is less than £3m per annum, then there is no requirement for you to pay the Apprenticeship levy.

If you have less than 50 employees, you will not have to make any contribution to the cost of any Apprentices you employ under the age of 18.

There will be a requirement to pay a 5% contribution towards the training of Apprentices over the age of 19. The government will contribute the additional 95%.

If you have more than 50 employees, then this 5%contribution will be applicable to Apprentices of all ages, and the government will fund the remaining 95% of the cost.

How much is the Levy



The Apprenticeship levy is 0.5% of your company payroll. There will be a £15,000 allowance, applicable to all employers, meaning that only businesses with payrolls in excess of £3m are subject to making payment. £15,000 being offset as 0.5% of £3m.

For example, a company with an annual payroll of £4.5m would pay a £7,500 annual levy.

 £4.5m - £3m = £1.5m

x 0.5% = £7,500

The Skills Funding Agency have produced a useful tool to help employers understand what levy they will pay and how they could use the new digital service to plan and fund training.

You can also callus to discuss your specific circumstances or to discuss what you can expect to pay. 


How can we use our contribution to invest in Apprenticeships



If the Apprenticeship levy is applicable to your business, you will be able to access funding for Apprenticeships through your Digital Apprenticeship Service account.

You will be able to use this to pay for training and assessment for Apprentices in England. The service will also help you find approved training providers such as TTI Apprenticeships, who can help you develop and deliver your Apprenticeship programme.

We can help you get the most out of Apprenticeships and effectively plan your investment in this area.

What is the Apprenticeship Service Account



The Apprenticeship Service Account has been set up to make life easier for employers.

 Once you have paid the levy to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)you will be able to access funding for Apprenticeships through your new Apprenticeship Service Account.

 Online tools will be available over the next year and you will be able to register to create your account from January 2017.This way you’ll be able to familiarise yourself with the service before April 2017.

What are the benefits to employers



The best way to benefit from the levy is to invest in Apprenticeships.

Significantly the introduction of the levy changes the funding structure of Apprenticeships and puts employers in control. This is shining a spotlight on our industry; the quality of Apprenticeships and what employers and employees stand to gain from them.

 Whether or not your business is required to commit to the levy, its introduction presents an ideal opportunity to reassess your current involvement with Apprenticeships and what they can deliver to your business. If you don’t already employ Apprentices, we think you’ll be surprised by the benefits they can bring to your business

At TTI Apprenticeships we can assist and advise you on how to effectively plan for the levy and achieve the greatest benefit to your business.

You can call us for experienced industry advice and information on all the ways you stand to benefit from investing in Apprenticeships.

What is the role of Apprenticeship Training Providers



Apprenticeship training providers like TTI Apprenticeships can help you develop and deliver your Apprenticeship programme.

We offer guidance and advice on the best way to invest in Apprenticeships and effectively plan how to utilise your levy contribution.

We can also help with recruiting, vetting and accessing potential Apprentices, whether they are new to your business or current employees.

Our passion lies in inspiring people to succeed and take the initiative in their career progression. Therefore, we carefully track your Apprentice’s progress and achievements, involving your team at every step, through to the successful completion of their qualification and their continued progression in your industry.

What happens when I finish my Apprenticeship



Your employer is under no obligation to keep you on once you complete your Apprenticeship. They can choose whether to let you go or to offer you a permanent position. Your situation will vary depending on your circumstances.

If they do decide to offer you permanent employment you will need to consider the opportunities this gives you and how you wish to proceed with your career and development.

If you would like career advice and support throughout your Apprenticeship with us, our team will be more than happy to offer guidance.













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